“I walked out with immediate relief that lasted! The Treatment was tailored to my specific needs and Heather was very knowledgeable her field of expertise.”
Jackie H

“Heather is the most talented therapist I know with a high level of professionalism and knowledge.
She is literally saving my life during my pregnancy as she knows exactly what to do with all the pains I am going through.
Highly recommended!!!!”
Patricie S

“I started seeing Heather as I was curious to try Myotherapy. After years of having remedial/sports/deep tissue massage
and only getting temporary relief for my pain and tension, I’ve finally found a therapist and treatment that is giving me
long-term, truly noticeable results. Heather is a warm, caring and knowledgeable therapist, who really takes the time to
understand your body and movement issues and uses her wide skill set and training to correct them. She has given me relief
and results that I’ve never had with previous treatments, and I can’t more highly recommend her or her methods of treatment.”
Gemma R

“Thank you very much for sending the details of the exercises. I will commit to doing them at least twice per day!!!
— and the feedback from last night is — today I ‘ran’ up and down my back stairs without holding onto the railing
for the first time in about 6 years. The reduction in pain in my knees has been amazing. I have also concentrated on
doing some ankle exercises to free them up.
Thank you soooo very much – I can’t even start to say what a relief it is to have a break from the knee pain.”
Margaret J

My massage by Heather was very beneficial to my tight hip. I have a lot more movement today. I will be back for more.

“I am very happy with the service I have received at the West End Natural Therapies Centre. My therapist (Heather) has provided excellent treatment and I always feel much better after my appointment. She has been particularly caring and considerate during a period when I had some medical issues.”

“Heather was great, she went to lengths to explain why I was getting pain and how it related to different parts of my body. I left with more mobility, and had a better sleep than I have had in weeks.”

“I highly recommend Heather for a thorough and very effective remedial massage. As a Myotherapist, she always takes the time to assess my movements at both the beginning and end of my treatments to figure out what problems I’m having and has made great progress with fixing my issues. She’s also very friendly and approachable!”